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In close collaboration with our partners we provide high class products for laboratories, healthcare institutions, workshops and related facilities. Products are made available on a modern webshop and delivered through competent logistics partners. Are you searching for a specific product or do you need assistance finding the right product for your application? We throw all our knowledge and experience in to find the best solution for your challenge.


Seamless integration of systems, organisational structures and business models in effective and efficient processes adds value to the organisation and creates a competitive advantage in the market. We’re specialised in supporting projects and activities around process improvements, restructurings and systems integrations. The client defines targets and the preferred project management approach. We combine our approach with the customer’s company culture and deliver expected results in a team effort.

Board of Directors

Added Value for your Board of Directors Comprehensive knowledge of Med Tech and Healthcare Markets Competent in financial management and controlling Competent in global distribution and supply chain management Competent in general management International Network Leadership and ownership Business acumen and strategic thinking

Change Management and Continuous Improvement

Misery and pain force appetite for change. Consequently, change happens if the suffering becomes unbearable, but it’s also instigated by the prospective of change for the better. Presumably, change is mainly driven by a mixture of pressure and desire. Those who only change under massive pain, may have lost the race already. Wouldn’t it be desirable to have organisations changing and improving just because of their anticipation and inherent urge to do so? Changing for the sake of change appears to be equally silly as remaining in static rigour proves to be dangerous. Recognition of necessary adaptions to a continuously changing environment as well as rigorously maintaining value adding behaviours need to be built into the company’s DNA in all functions. Living up to this kind of change culture is a challenging task to management on all levels. On facilitating change with clients’ organisations I always make certain all stakeholders understand meaning and purpose of the change, take part in the process and experience the culture of continuous improvement. Dominique Tschudin, General Manager, Tschudin Omnia GmbH

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