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Structured Approach

Whether it is just for cash flow planning or a complete process redesign from data entry to BI tool our procedure incorporates Lean Sigma Tools, various mapping techniques and involves key stakeholders. We built our know-how in the medical devices, pharma, chemistry, trade and IT industries but the structured, analytical approach applies to any kind of business.

Understanding the Issue

Often, issues with finance, supply chain, sales, and/or procurement processes are easily detected and recognised. In contrast, finding root causes and tackling the issues can be extremely challenging. We apply analytical methods to find reasons for process failures and define the problem-solving procedures taking cost efficiency and priority into account. Low hanging fruits providing a certain level of improvement without investing a lot of time and energy are isolated and respective measures for immediate execution recommended as appropriate. Eventually, we establish various problem resolution suggestions to evaluate the preferred approach for the final and sustainable elimination of process failures.

Agreeing targets (functional specification)

Together with the client we conclude on the final approach and define measurable targets. Depending on the complexity of the agreed solution we either create a simple action plan or a detailed project plan.


We also offer our services for the implementation of the elaborated plan. If requested, we execute the plan and lead the project to completion by coordinating resources, controlling timing and securing agreed targets. Alternatively, we just coach the project manager and strengthen the project with a view from the outside.


Adding value through effective finance processes for business management.


Building interdependencies of process and organisational structure into process design.
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Structured, controlled, flexibel, coherent and minimalistic documentation of processes.